• General

    Are all Luxe items authentic?

    We don’t imitate!

    Luxe guarantees 100% authenticity of ALL items.

    What is the condition of the bag when I recieve it?
    All Luxe designer bags are cleaned and polished after every used and is prepared to the utmost pristine condition for the next hire.

    Do I need to clean the bag before I return it?
    No. Please do not attempt to clean or repair the bags yourself. At Luxe we have our own team of designer bag experts to take care of it all!

    How often will you be receiving new items?

    At Luxe, we plan to keep updating our wardrobe as frequently as possible, in seasonal regularity and to keep up with the latest trends.

    When and how will I be charged?

    Before shipping, the full amount of the rental will be charged in total.

    Why can I not select my chosen date?

    The dates you are requesting may have already been booked. If your dates are unavailable or fall outside of a weekend. Please email info@theluxecollection.com.au or call (03) 9088 2086.

    Is a Luxe item only available for weekend hire?

    Luxe Items can be booked outside of weekends, for this, please email info@theluxecollection.com.au or call (03) 9088 2086.

    What if my return date falls on a public holiday? 

    If your Luxe item is scheduled to be returned on a public holiday, it is to be returned the following business day. However, returns can still be made to our South Melbourne office, this will be organised when your Luxe item is booked.

    How will my Luxe item be delivered? 

    Your Luxe item can be delivered to your address by courier, Pick up from our South Melbourne Office or Express AusPost. 

    Where do you deliver? 

    We deliver nationally. Same day delivery service by your Luxe associate is within 30kms of Melbourne CBD. Please see here to see if your area is within the 30km radius.

    What if I misplace my prepaid return box?

    If you lose your prepaid return box you will need to inform your Luxe associate by email or phone. You will need to follow the steps given to you to complete your Luxe item return. You may be liable for any extra costs involved.

    How do I Return my Luxe item?
    If you have not organised otherwise with your Luxe associate please see below.

    1. Carefully place the Luxe item back inside the dust bag it came in.

    2. Then place the bag back inside The Luxe Collection Box.

    3. Place The Luxe Collection box back into the brown reusable box that it was delivered in. Ensure the package is sealed securely.

    4. Stick the return label onto the packaging. Ensure new label covers the old label.

    5. Take the Luxe package to an Australia Post outlet no later than 2pm on Monday, unless advised otherwise.

    How much is shipping?

    Standard delivery $19.95

    Same Day delivery $39.95 (Melbourne Only, please check if your post code is included here)

    How will I know If my Luxe item has been returned to the Luxe Collection?

    You will receive an email when your Luxe item has been returned.

    Can I hire a Luxe item during the week?

    Luxe Items can be booked on weekdays, for this, please email info@theluxecollection.com.au or call (03) 9088 2086.

    How much is the late return fee? 
    Late fees are $50.00 per day.

    Do you deliver on weekends?

    We can deliver on weekends if organised with your Luxe associate.

    What happens if the Luxe item is damaged or stolen in my rental period?

    You as the customer accepts full responsibility of the Luxe item whilst in your rental period. If the Luxe item is damaged or stolen from the customer or any third party whilst in your rental period, you will be liable for full cost value of the bag.

    If the bag is damaged, please to not attempt to clean or repair the bag. The Luxe collection has cleaning specialists in case of this.

    Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

    Delivery & Returns

    Please refer to the Delivery and Returns section of the website.