• We’re believers in a symbiotic relationship with nature, and supporters of master artisans and seamstresses.

    We take pride in encouraging high quality circular fashion, sustainability, and treating our home better, whilst still looking as stylish as possible.

    At The Luxe Collection we understand that fast fashion is a significant contributor towards negative environmental impacts. A substantial abundance of cheaply made clothing fills the world’s landfills, and perpetuates the wastage of natural resources, as well as pollution output.

  • We are extremely conscious of this. We seek to demote the mass production of poor-quality handbags, and support the design process of creativity, inspiration, and high-quality craftsmanship.

    Like a skilled chef respecting its ingredients, we hold high reverence towards designers who appreciate the finest materials, utilizing gifts from mother nature herself, and transforming it to wearable art.

    It caters towards our very human desire to express ourselves through subjective beauty - with nature herself being the OG source of soul-moving admiration.